Ordering kit

logoNext order September 2011

Message from our Kit Secretary:

Fairly self explanatory I think (hope).

1. Go to the link belowthen click on the club orders login.


The member login is "ogmore", password is "ogmoremembers".

2. Register (make sure you enter details correctly)

All personal logins and passwords must be in lowercase letters

3. Select the sizes and items you want from those available (make sure you get the right sex and check the sizing guideline on the Carvalho website unless you are sure - you have been warned!!).


(the number system on the guide is different to that on the kit labels, so if you are using kit you already have to guide these purchases note that 7=XS, 8=S, 9=M, 10=L, 11=XL, 12=XXL)

4. Make cheque for total amount of your order payable to Ogmore Valley Wheelers and give to Mary Marks (Club Treasurer) at club night or by post by end of September 2011. Miss this date and as Administrator I will knock your order items off the list before the order is processed.

5. Finally (or perhaps I should say firstly), check that we do not already have in the cabinet at our club venue what you want. I would not assume there will be another opportunity to order until September 2012 (so order now for next summer). We may do another one next March but it depends on our stock levels at club.

I know the supplier has had teething issues with this new system so there may still be some. For example despite me changing the currency to sterling it still seems to be showing prices in euros. Hopefully I'll get this resolved before people need to start making payments to the club.

Any questions or problems please e-mail me or send me a personal message. DO NOT reply to this message as I want it at the top for people to see. You cannot order in any other way than this - not by e-mailing me, no longer by writing in the club order book, shouting to me as you pass on your bike etc etc

From past experience it will be 8-12 weeks from end of September until we get the kit. So personally I wouldn't wait on stuff for this winter. Focus on getting kitted out for next Spring. If you don't like what you get at the end of the day then it is your responsibility to resolve with Cervalho or if doesn't fit to sell on to another member.

As Administrator I will be able to see what has been ordered by who and who has and hasn't paid etc.

Good luck

Rob Jones